Saturday, July 11, 2009

Despite the complete lack of feedback, I persist

Grrrr..... gave away a shift at work to do something important and screwed it up completely. May as well make use of the time for some "productive blogging."

However to try and gauge if anyone is actually genuinely reading and engaging with my recent flurry of blog activity - given the impressively low 0 comments from 3 posts so far - I am going to pull an old trick and ask the audience to vote on which of the current "posts in potentiam" I should write first and put online. (Of course I reserve the right to ignore all votes and write about something more awesome like Ninja Turtles.)

1) My angry rant in which I throw scorn upon the political beliefs of 95% of the people I know, not to mention most of the rest of the population as well.

2) Latest perspectives on mental illness. The seed of this idea is to do with nomenclature - Bipolar Disorder is in some ways a better term Manic Depression, but has its own flaws. Watch me explain how!

3) Something with a more economics bent. A lot of what I've been reading over the last (6? 12?) months online has been from sources such as the excellent blog Marginal Revolution. All pop-level stuff of course - why scalpers exist, business models of the Web 2.0 revolution, the economics of amusement parks (for those Luna Park colleagues out there), that kind of thing. Nothing too dry about equations that predict which banks will fail to come through the GFC or anything like that.

4) A post that's a bit more out there and which I only expect a small handful of people to really appreciate but maybe is saying something more interesting than my derivative opinions on other topics.

5) What I think should be taught in schools instead of what is currently taught. This may segue into another planned and very important future post, Advice for Smart People (a category which includes all the people I've ever known to read this blog.)

6) Something else! Something else! As certain people I know might chant.

Religion, drugs and music will still feature in this blog, but not in the next post if I can avoid it. I prefer to mix things up.


Alexey said...

You should link you blog up with your Facebook.

I vote #1. I enjoy your political rants.

With Respect to X said...

Yay, non-IRL feedback!

My facebook profile lists this blog as my homepage I believe.

#1 has a highly developed mental draft already, I would just need to recall the necessary intellectual rage to get the tone right.

Alexey said...

Isn't there some app you can use to post links to new blog posts on your Facebook automatically?

With Respect to X said...

Oh right you mean hardcore promotion of my blog via facebook. Well 95% of my facebook acquaintences probably wouldn't care at all about my blog. But it's maybe worth thinking about.

James said...

Hmm... maybe (5). Education is interesting, and who could pass up gratuitous flattery?

Anonymous said...

Alexey is right - foist your unwelcome opinions on vague acquaintances! Make them come to regret their lack of discernment in choosing Facebook friends! It's what I do! Although, these days, what with the unfiltered torrent that Facebook has become, your posts will pretty quickly disappear, lost in the flood of "What type on the Bristol Stool Scale are you?" quizzes. You just have to assume more people are reading your RSS feed than your site stats (and comments) reveal.

Otherwise, you need to come to terms with screaming into the void.

As for my vote: 1, as long as you do not CHALLENGE MY PRECONCEIVED NOTIONS - for I do not enjoy that at all, or 4, as long as it's not about maths, or some obscure point about index-addressing in the standard Python libraries (or other such programmy-whatnot), or 3 could be good, especially as I unsubscribed to MR some time ago, so it you could perform the service of news-aggregating for me: COMPRESS THE LAST 12 MONTHS OF ECONOMICS NEWS INTO ONE BLOG POST FOR ME. I DEMAND IT.


Ang said...


With Respect to X said...

"[Khassaki] HI EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!
[Judge-Mental] try pressing the the Caps Lock key
[Judge-Mental] fuck me"


4 is not about "More Maths!", 1 was envisioned with some sort of disclaimer at the end to the effect of "those of you who don't think these things, and are libertarians or some shit, are still wrong - I'll get to you later..."

The current best candidate for 3 is about copyright, and whether the Net will make everything free, and that stuff - what a boring tired old topic, am I right? I could maybe do something else economicy. I am not summarising a year or even a week of Tyler Cohen's output, because that's impossible.

The main issue now is that by two of you voting for multiple options, you have raised the previously ignored and horrible issue of what algorithm I should use to resolve the electoral process.

I think either everyone votes for every option they like the sound of (forget what this is called), or everyone votes for one and only one topic and if plurality doesn't give a clear winner I'll improvise a resolution.

Or, I could just end the pretense that this blog is not a Totalitarian Reigime and write whatever the hell I feel like.