Monday, November 9, 2009

Prose's abatement

Blogging under
Deprivation of slumber
Hypomania's many hyper
Tendencies tend to be
Exacerbated, precipitated
A mist of words
Becomes a deluge

A news article has confirmed
The world's gone as mad as you'd heard
The only response possible -
Outraged loquacity, tumbles
Forth, unconstrained, with only the steady rattling
Of the Eee PC's battered keys to protest at the prattling

An aside, a brief build-up, mere foreplay to the climax of self-righteous indignity
Becomes much more of, shall we say, a tangent, gaining nuance, losing brevity
Til the point is reached, at which distraction from the judicial theme is wrought insufferable
Of course, such artistry must not be abridged - but mayhap, it is shuffleable?

So then, the post, once, in outline, contained sufficiently, by the ample boundaries of a mere few paragraphs
Is now possessed of parts - one and two - each more substantial than nigh any article to be found within the Daily Telegraph
But now stop the press, what's this? It surely cannot be true - that part two, too, asserts its "right to be serialised?"
Can we burden readers thus, when even part one, solus, is proving far too long for mine own weary old eyes?

This madness must cease! (Not the world's now, take note)
It's the blog that's diseased! (Not the way people vote)
An introductory sentence (Of the linguistic sort)
Now spans three separate entries! (Makes those gaol terms seem short....)

How does one conquer
Such prolific prose?
Could a poem deliver?
Grant salvation?
Who knows?


Please forgive the attempt at such an unaccustomed and ill-suited form, but my incompletable, uneditable blog ranting was really giving me the shits ;-)

I do plan to proceed with the original posts, eventually... once some substantial editing has taken place.


Cassandra said...

No editing required, at least not in the poetry department. You should write more free-form verse - you do it well. The hectic flow is overbearing and claustrophobic, but that works to the advantage of the poem, the atmosphere is quite right and the rhymes (and a couple of fals rhymes too?) don't seem at all contrived, but still lend style to the wrapping up of the piece.

I haven't really commented on the content, but, then again, I have the same opinion of blogs that you seem to have - they are endless, sometimes powerful, sometimes trite and rather intimidating... thus my tendency not to get involved all that much - you could lose a lifetime!

Ultimately, though, I like it a lot. And you should totally write more poetry!

Angela said...

Well, yes, but just so you know, I think your prose, when it works enough to get posted, it pretty neat too.

With Respect to X said...

As my blogging arch-nemesis recently had cause to say,

"Aww shucks. Thanks ladies!"

I'll admit openly that the pressured flow, awkward rhythm, haphazard pseudo-rhyming etc are a result of a very hurried and slapdash composition process; and given how irregularly I write poems (read: practically never) I really should take time to polish when I do.

But then, the theme of the poem is the forced pressure to write growing out of the author's control, leaving an end result not really as envisioned; which was of course how I was feeling when I was first working on regular blog posts and then decided to switch to the poem.

So its kinda appropriate its a bit rough around the edges, no?

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway glad to hear poetry is an experiment worth repeating for at least some prospective audience, and of course that prose isn't unappreciated even though I sometimes get irritated with myself while writing it.