Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Congratulations Google

Just a quick shout out to Google for taking what must have been a tough commercial decision to end its controversial compliance with Chinese government censorship in response to attempted cyberattacks on human rights activists' gmail accounts.

Of course many detractors will argue this is simply the reversal of what was a heinously unethical decision in the first place. Keep in mind, though, that this is the world's largest search engine effectively pulling out of the world's largest internet market; hard to justify to shareholders on a matter of principle, which is why this new security angle is probably helpful to the corporate leadership in adding more solid-sounding business reasons - on top of what was previously just a manageable PR problem - for making the call.

In honour of what will hopefully be a step forward for the cause of free speech in China and ultimately around the world, this blog will soon return properly from its holiday slumber via a post on free speech I'd half written some time ago.

Oh and while on the topic of free speech and China, I'd just like to personally express my desire that the Chinese Government (technically, its judiciary) go fuck itself for summarily trying and executing a man who was almost certainly manipulated by criminals while suffering from delusional psychosis due to Bipolar Disorder, without assessing his mental health, or allowing access for foreign psychiatrists to do so. Just one more instance of appalling disrespect for human rights in a long, long list - hopefully

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