Monday, July 21, 2008

Choose your own blogventure

Hello once again my faithful NERs (non-existent readers - yes, I've resorted to acronyms and yes, I intend to make a stupid ongoing in-reference out of this one.) 

I'm going to write another long ranting blog post. However I'm torn between two equally interesting, complex, controversial, and difficult areas that have crossed my mind recently. So I'm throwing it out there for you, the NER, to decide. Which may be difficult, given that (according to my established premise) you don't actually exist.

So,  what topic would you like me to blog about next?

A) Drugs
B) God
C) Something else

To vote, make a comment on this post which expresses your preference. When I decide to sit down and type my next post, it shall be on whichever topic happens to have the most votes at that point in time. I will arbitrarily decide how to proceed should option C receive the most votes (e.g. I may write about a topic(s) you suggest, or about some other random topic.)

Go on then, vote! Democracy in action, people. 


Joel Nothman said...

NER?! My thesis is all about NER (Named Entity Recognition)...

And some might argue (a) and (b) have a lot in common...

James said...

I've been doing stupid NER at work too. Bah, NER!

Yeah, I vote for (a) AND (b) in the same post.

Alex said...

(a) and (b) FTW!

With Respect to X said...

Well, my friendly Named Entity Recognizers, the funny thing is that I was almost going to suggest this myself; because they definitely both tie together in my mind, as my own most important personal experiences and views on the topics converge in the one area. Not quite "I took LSD and saw God", but close enough.

This is definitely going to be too long a super-topic for one post, so I'll probably do a two or three parter.