Monday, July 28, 2008

Now, for something completely different

I know all y'all have been promised God, and are doubtless eagerly awaiting His (or Her) arrival; but I'm afraid that like so many others you're just going to have to have a little faith and a little patience. I'll get to God eventually, when I feel up to it. Really, I need slightly more of that good ol' manic fire to write convincingly or interestingly on theology.

So what am I writing about today? A topic that's likely of interest to precisely none of the known NERs.... 

We interrupt this blogpost for an important announcement. 

Our fearless blogventurer, With Respect to X, has detected (for the second time) a rather strange bug in the Text Editing Field on Blogger in Safari under Mac OS X Tiger running on the PowerBook G4 belonging to his Dad. Which of these is the culprit? You decide! (hint: change one of the above variables to "gmail" and there is no sign of the aberrant behaviour....)

This dastardly bug disables WR2X's critical powers, Cutting, Copying and Pasting. Without these, he can do practically no Editing at all, and is reduced to mere Writing. The result is, well, the kind of drivel you see here.  

In the interest of putting at least some constraints on silliness, WR2X has bravely and selflessly decided to join battle directly with the bug in the hope of vanquishing its sinister presence once and for all. Also, I kind of have some other stuff to do. 

Will WR2X prevail? Or will the bug prove too much for even his keen blogpowers to overcome?

Stay tuned for the next installment of Because I Don't Spend Enough Time On The Internet, when all this and more shall be revealed!!


Spencer said...

Calling yourself WR2X makes you sound like a Subaru.

Just sayin' is all.

With Respect to X said...

Man, I was just trying to be all cool and Web 2.0 trendy, with an acronym* that had number in it and everything, and you had to go spoil it, didn't you?

Maybe I should just abbreviate to With Respect? Makes me sound like a deferential English or Japanese schoolboy, or possibly a bad alternative rapper, depending on how you pronounce it. None of the clever nuances of the full title, either.

What is a blogging identity to do?


* I know, and don't care, that that is not what that word meant initially. Yes, that last pun was intentional.

Angela said...

Maybe you could abbreviate it like the germans do? Just pick your favourite syllable from each word and compound them? That's how you get "nazi" from "NAtionalsoZIalismus". So "With Respect to X" could become "Wiretox" which sounds like a cleaning agent or futuristic Bovril-alternative, depending on how you pronounce it? Or different syllables, so "Ithectox" which makes you sound a bit like a poison found in the homeland of Odysseus?

[sorry for being all up in your blog-space, btw, but I did explain in my comment on the Drugs post if it helps, (which would very much surprise me, now I come to think about it...)]

With Respect to X said...

I like Wiretox! I think I'll use that in future.

And please make your self at home in my blog space - there's plenty of room up here, high above the tag clouds...